Winter Hair Habits

It’s been a while since I’ve used gel. I used to use it everyday to slick down the front of my hair. Lately I’ve been using heavy moisturizers (As I Am – Double Butter Cream or Oyin Handmade – Whipped Pudding) to lay it down and I think my edges are finally getting the hang of it. I seemed to quit that gel habit and didn’t even realize it.

I’ve been blow drying my hair (almost) weekly when I wash it. It’s too cold for me to walk around with wet hair now that the winter is here. My hair is much easier to handle and style once it’s blow-dried. It also seems to absorb moisture better as opposed to it just sitting on top of my strands. The most surprising thing is that it seems to be keeping those pesky single strand knots away! You knowwwww that’s all I wanted from this natural hair life!

I’ll be working on restoring health to my hairline. That’s where my scalp is extremely dry and flaky. I’ve been massaging a mixture of vitamin E oil and Tea Tree Oil. The medication the dermatologist had given me once upon a time was an anti fungal. I’m not too fond of using prescription medications, so since Tea Tree Oil has anti fungal properties, I’m hoping this is the key to a healthy scalp. I’ve done this before and my scalp cleared up, but I’m never consistent. A wonderful commenter suggested it and that was the motivation I needed to be consistent with it.

Have you changed any hair habits or products now that Winter is upon us?



2 thoughts on “Winter Hair Habits

  1. Im with you on not going out with wet hair. I started washin and stylin with a protective style the night before. By morning the hair is some what dry but not sopping wet! Ive started using more gel with this protective style mohawk. I do re-moisturize after two days of wearing the style.

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