Hair One – Review

If you follow me on IG (@AHairStory), then you know I recently tried Hair One – for dry hair… mainly because it was the one with olive oil and olive oil works well in my hair.


I haven’t bought any new hair products in a while, but I was randomly in Sally’s Beauty Supply, saw it and decided to try it. It comes highly recommended by (@tipiam on IG). Of course I smelled it in the store and it passed the smell test. I’m usually drawn in to trying a new product based on the scent.

The Process:

I washed my hair with my usual Selsun Blue Shampoo (Dermatologist recommended – for my scalp), then I used the Hair One. I suppose it’s similar to Wen because it can be used as a conditioning wash, a rinse out conditioner as well as a leave in conditioner. The price however is awesome, compared to Wen. I think I paid $5-$6 for it. I used it as a conditioning wash, then as a rinse out conditioner, by leaving it in my hair for a few minutes (maybe 15), then rinsed it out.

The results:

My hair felt moisturized after, but it wasn’t as moisturized as my old faithful boo (GVP – Nexxus Humectress). I think it would be great as a co-wash, but I don’t co-wash because of my scalp, so for you co-wash ladies, I recommend it. I will probably also try it as a leave in next time. I think that would work well also.

Would I buy it again? Probably not, because it doesn’t serve the purpose I bought it for.