Product Review – Curls Blissful LengthsĀ 

Hey fam!

I decided to try Curls Blissful Lengths Liquid Hair Growth Vitamins in February. So many people were posting about how great it is and other than helping with hair growth, their skin was amazing and they had increased energy. I wanted to see for myself what all the hype was about. 

Let me preface this by saying that biotin causes me to have bad acne… biotin by itself, high doses of biotin in hair vitamins, small doses of biotin in standard multivitamins and just biotin period. 

I read the ingredients and saw biotin and was very hesitant about taking the plunge, but I liked the fact that it’s a liquid Vitamin with better absorption. I’ve never tried liquid vitamins before, so I decided to give it a try. 

First, it tastes like vitamins. There’s really nothing you can do or put in vitamins to make them taste delicious. It is what it is. It’s a small amount to swallow, you just have to get over it. It’s not horrible though. 

Second, for someone who is consistent with taking vitamins, I wish there was more than 15 days worth in the bottle. I think a standard 28-30 day supply would be great. It could be less in the bottle to preserve freshness though. Please remember to refrigerate after opening.

Third, a 30 day supply would cost more than a 30 day supply of many other hair vitamins. The bottle is a 15 day supply for $25. The only bonus is that there are always coupon codes for ordering at For 15% off use code NEW2CURLS. 

For me, my skin broke out almost immediately. I kept going for 1 week, but then decided to call it quits. I already know it’s the biotin because that happens almost every time. So I can’t say whether it works for hair growth because I didn’t use it long enough. 

Although the vitamin didn’t work for me, I love Curls products. I’ve used the Creme Brule since I was transitioning and still continue to use it. It’s one of my staples. I did these flat twists with the Curls Creme Brule… and when I go out I certainly touch up my edges with the Curl Control Paste. 

Definitely a great brand, you just have to find what works for you.