I’m In!

Soooooo… yesterday, I signed up for CurlBox! I looked over the last few CurlBoxes and realized that they contained a lot of products I wanted to try. I just hope that the upcoming ones do as well. $20/month isn’t too bad.

Do any of you have subscriptions? If so, do you love it?


6 thoughts on “I’m In!

    • There was definitely a waiting list. They emailed me earlier in the week letting me know I can subscribe on Sunday at 8pm. I finally got through and was able to subscribe. I suspect they open it monthly, because I missed the last one a few weeks back.

  1. When I first saw the title of this post in my e-mail, I thought that you meant the CurlyNikki meet-up!! Are you going?? Shana, Wei and I are!! Yup, Wei said he wanted to go;). Maybe he and Nikki’s husband can hang out;).

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