THW Cult – Day 4

Sooooo day 4 of the Terressentials Hair Wash was two washes today. I realized that my curls are very defined when my hair is wet, but once it dries it’s a mess. Using no other products leads me to have consistently bad hair days. I’m not a fan of bad hair days!

Today I used EVOO after my wash and pulled my hair back into a ponytail with two twists. I’ve decided that tomorrow night will be my fifth and final wash and I’ll be trimming my ends and straightening my hair this weekend

I like the Terressentials Hair Wash a lot, however I don’t like washing my hair everyday. I’m not sure I feel any real difference in my hair. My hair definitely looks different though.

In both pics, my hair is styled using the “Winter Wash & Go” method. The left is pre-THW, the right is post-THW. You be the judge!


…and this is what a bad hair day looks like! Thank God the week is over.



17 thoughts on “THW Cult – Day 4

  1. It doesn’t look bad, it just doesn’t look like your hair and it looks dry. The bentonite clay and the detox is clarifying your hair of all products, so it will look dry if you don’t add anything to seal in the water, I think. How was detangling? That’s what I really wanted to know about! The reviews I read indicated that detangling was a breeze, no conditioner needed. What was your experience with that?

    • Well I started using EVOO. My hair didn’t look or feel dry, but when I out the EVOO in it, it sucked it right up.

      As far as detangling, it was very smooth under water, still not bad when your hair is wet, impossible when your hair dries, but I guess that goes with most things. I did find that my hair takes longer to dry as the days go on, which seemed weird to me.

  2. Dare I say put don’t the drink the kool-aid, put down the kool-aid, and run girly :-). You know what they say everything doesn’t work for anybody. If you feel like your hair is cursing you out after you have used a product everyone is raving about then it may not be for you. Under my bathroom sink and linen closet (had to start hiding products from the hubby, lol) are full of stuff like that. Its really good you are able to look at comparison pictures to see the difference.

    ~~~Recovering product junkie

    • Very true. I like to give products a fair try, unless my hair actually suffers damage. No damage done here. I actually like the product, probably just shouldn’t have washed my hair so often.

    • My hair feels the complete opposite of what it looks. I actually did add EVOO last night (lots of it). Despite how my hair felt, it sucked up all of the oil. My scalp is doing very well, actually.

  3. Rece maybe you only needed to detox only 2 or maybe for 3 days. There are the few ladies on YouTube that only detox for 3 days. If I were you I wouldn’t detox tomorrow. I think you are done. There is no way I will detox so many days. I don’t use many silicones on my hair.

    • I don’t use silicones a lot, but I did use it recently when I straightened my hair which is why I was leaning towards doing the full detox. You are absolutely right though, I’m done… after tonight… and only because I need my hair to air dry before I straighten it tomorrow.

  4. Hi! Hope you all don’t mind the Terressentials team jumping in here with some quick advice? If you don’t mind, please note that our Hair Wash instructions do suggest using any of our USDA certified organic Anointing Oils, Cremes and/or butters at any time to assist with moisturizing hair and/or scalp that suffers from dryness due to previous damage from foaming detergent/surfactant products, and/or styling or coloring or perming chemicals. (see numbers 1 & 2 in the Hair Wash instructions)

    Here’s a tip from our instructions that outlines a special pre-wash deep cleanse (see numbers 5 & 6 in the instructions) that can be very helpful for most people in making a smoother and usually quicker detox/transition. Note that this deep cleanse treatment is highly recommend as a monthly deep cleanse for everyone. For your convenience, here’s a link to our Hair Wash instructions:

    Also, to clarify our washing instructions, one does not need to wash one’s hair every day to complete the detox. The instructions are actually intended to describe how to wash your hair if you are a person who normally washes every day — ! Otherwise, for folks who wash only ever few days or once per week, the washing guidelines would apply to each time one washes their hair. Naturally, though, the longer the period between washes (and the longer one’s hair and the thicker one’s hair), the longer the time period is to complete the detox.

    Marsha is correct when she says that “maybe you only needed to detox only 2 or maybe for 3 days.” The detox period is different for everyone depending on the specific natural nature of their inherited genetic hair type and the extent of damage from previously using conventional synthetic hair care products or heat treatments.

    BTW, we’d like to share that we have a useful Hair Help Q & A blog (actual customer questions and our detailed responses collected over the years) that provides extensive guidance on transitioning to using truly natural hair care products and that many folks have found to be very valuable — here’s the link:

    Thanks for letting us jump in here! Have fun and enjoy!

  5. It doesn’t look bad but I’ll pass on this product. I’ll stick with what I’m using since I have no complaints. I will stick with the zizyphus for restoring my curls and the Doris of NY Mud Mask for detoxing my scalp. I really like that product. Even though its a whopping $25 I will defintely buy it again.

    • Doris of NY is definitely on my list of hair products to try.
      Of all of the things this product was/wasn’t… it didn’t restore any curls. My curls were actually more defined before. I didn’t use it for that purpose though.

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