Maybe I AM my hair!

I had a moment. Wait… I’m still living in that moment. That “maybe I AM my hair” moment. That “what was I thinking when I cut ALL of my hair off?” moment. That “why did I decide to grow out my relaxer?” moment.

I complained to my sis (and anyone willing to listen) about how horrible my hair looks lately, about how bored I am with all of the styles I do, about how much prettier I was with my sleek, straight hair, about how I am aboutthisclose to going and buying a relaxer to do my hair this weekend.

I’m all over the place! I read an old post from an old friend that made me realize that although I like my hair straight, I still do like the versatility of natural hair.

I saw an Instagram pic of a college friend who was showing off her natural hair 2.5 years post relaxer.

I realized that my last relaxer was 2 years ago on March 11th. I completely forgot to acknowledge my accomplishments.

Maybe it’s just a phase and it’ll pass. I won’t make any irrational decisions for now.

Aaahhh… the good old days! I guess I won’t stop until my natural hair looks like this!


THW Cult – Day 4

Sooooo day 4 of the Terressentials Hair Wash was two washes today. I realized that my curls are very defined when my hair is wet, but once it dries it’s a mess. Using no other products leads me to have consistently bad hair days. I’m not a fan of bad hair days!

Today I used EVOO after my wash and pulled my hair back into a ponytail with two twists. I’ve decided that tomorrow night will be my fifth and final wash and I’ll be trimming my ends and straightening my hair this weekend

I like the Terressentials Hair Wash a lot, however I don’t like washing my hair everyday. I’m not sure I feel any real difference in my hair. My hair definitely looks different though.

In both pics, my hair is styled using the “Winter Wash & Go” method. The left is pre-THW, the right is post-THW. You be the judge!


…and this is what a bad hair day looks like! Thank God the week is over.