Hair Slump

I’m kind of in a hair slump. I guess that’s why I haven’t posted much lately. The things that usually get me out of a slump are new products or inspiration for new hairstyles. I haven’t had either one recently.

I straightened my hair this weekend. It looked really nice when I just finished doing it, but not as nice the next day… in my opinion. Don’t get me wrong, it still looked nice, I’m just overly critical.

I wanted to straighten it to examine my ends. Surprisingly I didn’t trim my hair this time. I can even see some growth between now and the last time I straightened and trimmed it (Dec. 2011). Has it really been that long? I’ll have to check the archives. I can’t lie, I may trim a smidge off before I wash it.

I’m not really sure what products to use in my hair to keep it straight (which seems impossible) and to moisturize it. I am trying to avoid putting too much stuff in my hair because I’m curious to see if I can go more than a week without washing it. So far, I’ve used a little bit of EVOO and the same straightening serum I’ve used in the past.