Not Pleased

Seriously, ever since I went to the dermatologist, my face and my hairline and really NOT feeling it.

The medications that she gave me for my hairline have made it extremely dry. I didn’t even know it could get drier than it was before. I’ve been trying to stick with it because I know that with most dermatologist meds that I’ve gotten, things get much worse before they get better.

She also suggested that I restart using the meds for my face that she gave me a while ago, because I had one or two bumps on my forehead. I personally think it was from all of the vitamin E oil I was putting on my hairline prior to my visit, which was working. Against my better judgement I decided to listen to her, then my face really broke out! I am NOT a happy camper!

I’ve been wearing my hair mostly in twistouts. I’ve also got some new products to feed my addiction. I’m excited! I got Blended Beauty – Curly Frizz Pudding and My Honey Child – Olive You Deep Conditioner. These are two products I’ve been eyeing for a while.


Has anyone tried products from the Jane Carter line? If so, what did you think of it and which products are your fav?


7 thoughts on “Not Pleased

  1. Sorry about the your dermatologist problem. I say just use what you think relieved the dryness most. Oh please let me know how you like the new products. I almost purchased the blended beauty one, but hesitant.

    • I think I’m gonna try the blended beauty tonight.

      I would stick with the Vitamin E oil, but I’m hoping what she gave me would clear it up instead of me constantly battling it. I will follow the directions she gave me, despite how I feel. Last time I followed her directions and I had a great outcome.

  2. I’ve had skin problems too, and I hate hearing that “it gets worse before it gets better” but you have to give it time to see. Try to be patient and hope that everything will heal!

    I’ve tried Jane Cater, the nourish and seal and the leave-in conditioner. I’m not too sure about these. I don’t have anything negative to say about them, but I’m not ranting and raving about them either. Although, the nourish and seal doubles as a body moisturizer, so if you do purchase it and don’t like it, it won’t go to waste!

  3. Let me know how ther blended beauty works. I tried Jane Carter Leave in….not in love. Made my curls defined but a bit crunchy. I prefer the KCKT.

    • As far as the blended Beauty, I mainly use it because I love the scent. It’s moisturizing too, but I haven’t noticed that it defines my curls or anything. There’s like zero hold. *shrugs*

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