Rock on with my bad self!

How come people can never talk about afro puffs without singing Lady of Rage’s song? LOL.

Anyway, my hair is growing! I’m not sure I can really see the difference because it’s so curled up, but I can definitely feel the difference when I wash it and also when I fluff up my ponytail.

Marsha asked for pics of my ponytail and I was surprised that I never posted any, so here goes!

I usually just wash and go, so my ponytail remains curled up. This pic is while it’s still wet. I honestly have no idea what the ponytail looks like when it dries because I don’t look at the back of my hair anymore.


This pic is of my ponytail when it’s dry and fluffed.



Can it still be called a ponytail if it doesn’t hang? It’s more like a ponypuff!