The Truth Is…

The truth is…

I’ve done almost nothing with my hair over the past two weeks. I’ve washed it once and blow dried it so it would be easier to manage.

I wore my hair in a bun for the last two weeks. Last week, I only finger detangled my hair, I didn’t comb it. This week I combed it about every other day.

I’ve been trying to keep the front smooth. I use my Curls Creme Brûlée and it works quite well. Yesterday was extremely humid in the morning though, so it didn’t work too well. As soon as i left the house, the front started to curl back up. I looked absolutely crazy for the whole day, with a fuzzy halo. I decided to use gel today.

In addition, I’ve actually been successfully using coconut oil to moisturize my hair. Usually it leaves my hair feeling dry, but I think using less at a time is better. My hair feels great.

I’ve been planning to straighten it again, but it’s been so rainy every week that I know it would be pointless.



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15 thoughts on “The Truth Is…

  1. OMG look how big you PUFF is!!!! I love seening how much our hair has grown since the challenge. I havent done NO THING to my hair either. Im to busy with wedding stuff to put the time in on it. Ive been rocking the bun too

  2. GIRL!!! You talking about me?!?!? Look at how much your hair has grown!! OMGosh!!!! You are going to outgrow me in no time;)! And I so agree Leah!! Love seeing the progress!! Leah, when is the wedding again??

  3. ha ha @fuzzy halo.

    shelli’s right. your hair is taking off like weeds! it grows really fast. I’m not sure how long it is stretched but i’d be willing to guess it’s longer than mine now and you’ve been cutting yours like crazy!

    truly i’m a 1/4 inch grower a month and nothing more 😦

    • I’ve been meaning to take a pic of my fuzzy halo, but I don’t know if I’d have the guts to post it. LOL.

      I don’t think my hair grows faster than average. When I first chopped my permed hair off, it seemed to be growing at an average rate.

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