A Trip Down Memory Lane

I remember when I first started this blog. It was when Kim Coles’ Grow Out Challenge ended. I was so excited to be documenting my hair journey and although that challenge ended, I wanted to keep going.

I met so many great people on that site. I found myself always drawn to people who I thought had hair textures similar to mine. I would try to mimic their hairstyles. Back then I had the length to do that. I thought that whatever products they used would automatically work for me because our hair textures were similar. That was a huge misconception.

Absolutely fell in love with Shelli’s hair. I thought her hair texture was very similar to mine, until my hair started to grow out more. I realized my hair was much curlier. She had THE BEST and most creative styles. Her style gallery was ridiculous.

I remember when I saw Michelle’s hair and she was looking for a hair twin. I don’t even remember why. LOL. I commented saying that I think we could be hair twins… until I realized my hair was much curlier than hers too. There went that idea. LOL.

Although Miss Mickey doesn’t blog anymore, she had hair to die for. Her hair was sooooo long. You know I’m obsessed with long hair. Granted, she always wore it in a bun, but she had the biggest, fullest bun. We were both trying to ween ourselves off of gel. LOL.

Another blogger with great hairstyles is Tia Shauntee. Most of her styles are protective styles and are quick and easy to do. When I have more length, I’ll try more styles.

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m in a hair slump. I need inspiration. Help!


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