1 Week Post Coconut Oil

My hair feels soooooo much better without coconut oil! I also noticed that there’s a lot less hair shed. I’ve been using straight JBCO. I forgot I had that until someone mentioned it. I had to resurrect mine. JBCO is much heavier than my usual olive oil, but my hair needed it after the coconut oil week.

I can’t say that all things are equal though because I didn’t blowdry my hair this past week as I did the week I used coconut oil, so maybe that helped also.

I also changed gels. I used Fantasia IC gel instead of Eco Styler gel and I haven’t had any breakouts along my hairline so I’m happy about that.

My style hasn’t changed. I’m still wearing my textured bun. It’s been too hot and humid for anything else. I guess I won’t be straightening my hair anytime soon either.