Length Check!

Ugh! I was all prepared to write a post showing off my 1 month length check. I was feeling like my hair grew so much since my big chop 1 month ago. I finally took pics from the correct side of my face. I began uploading them and doing the comparison… and I barely see any difference! I barely even knew which pics were from July and which ones were from August! How disappointing! LOL.

I guess hair growth in 1 month would be hard to see huh? I’d probably have to get a ruler to actually measure it. *smh* How about I don’t do length checks frequently. Maybe every other month. An inch of growth should be noticeable, right?

In other news, I bought the fabric markers to make my length check t-shirt. I was supposed to make it today since I was off, but… you know how that gets. It doesn’t matter anyway, my hair is nowhere near reaching any marks on a t-shirt. LOL