Length Check!

Ugh! I was all prepared to write a post showing off my 1 month length check. I was feeling like my hair grew so much since my big chop 1 month ago. I finally took pics from the correct side of my face. I began uploading them and doing the comparison… and I barely see any difference! I barely even knew which pics were from July and which ones were from August! How disappointing! LOL.

I guess hair growth in 1 month would be hard to see huh? I’d probably have to get a ruler to actually measure it. *smh* How about I don’t do length checks frequently. Maybe every other month. An inch of growth should be noticeable, right?

In other news, I bought the fabric markers to make my length check t-shirt. I was supposed to make it today since I was off, but… you know how that gets. It doesn’t matter anyway, my hair is nowhere near reaching any marks on a t-shirt. LOL


5 thoughts on “Length Check!

    • It doesn’t look like it grew as much as it feels like it did… especially the back of my hair!

      Thanks. Maybe when I learn how to part the back of my hair, I can wear the twists as a style. Lol

  1. I can totally see growth. We always don’t notice our growth. It ususally other people who are like “OMG your hair has grown so much!” LOL BTW love your twist as well! They look so healthy.

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