Rock on with my bad self!

How come people can never talk about afro puffs without singing Lady of Rage’s song? LOL.

Anyway, my hair is growing! I’m not sure I can really see the difference because it’s so curled up, but I can definitely feel the difference when I wash it and also when I fluff up my ponytail.

Marsha asked for pics of my ponytail and I was surprised that I never posted any, so here goes!

I usually just wash and go, so my ponytail remains curled up. This pic is while it’s still wet. I honestly have no idea what the ponytail looks like when it dries because I don’t look at the back of my hair anymore.


This pic is of my ponytail when it’s dry and fluffed.



Can it still be called a ponytail if it doesn’t hang? It’s more like a ponypuff!


16 thoughts on “Rock on with my bad self!

  1. YAY. ME likey. Lol. Thanks for posting. Your hair looks great. Your puff is probably the same size as mine, yet I never had the nerve to wear it like that to work. It would definitely be easier in the night and mornings. One reason is because I have a HUGE forehead and my face don’t look right with all my hair pulled back. Two, I don’t like when my hair is restricted too much because I feel like I’m putting too much tension on my edges.

    • It really is easy in the night and morning. I’m not so much concerned about my hairline, I’m still concerned about where the ponytail holder rests. I need more style options. It’s either this or a twistout. Help!!! Lol

  2. I dig the pony puff, you know they sell them at hair stores now as attachments? I saw that last Saturday…I was like dag, we’ve come a long way, lol.

    • They’ve had those for a while. Some people use them while they’re transitioning, which is a great idea! It probably blends well with natural hair and hides/protects the relaxed ends.

  3. Totally cute puff!! Love it! Have you tried just using bobby pins on the shorter hair and then you could put a satin loosely around the pony puff to conceal the pins and the ends? Oooooor, a couple of small flower clips would do the job;-)!

      • No, the satin scrunchie is just camouflage! You would use your normal elastic, but don’t put the ends of the shorter pieces under it. Bobby pin those, then put a satin scrunchie over the whole thing to conceal the bobby pins and the elastic :). The flowers could be used instead of the scrunchie. But, maybe the mini jaw clip will work for you and you won’t have to worry about it:)!

        • A scrunch?! Visible?! In the streets?!?! Oh noooooo! Not I! My hair is pretty short u know. That probably wouldn’t be cute at all. The flowers, perhaps.

          Ohhhh… I just remembered two other kinds of clips I can try!

  4. Oh, and I thought of something else. You know those mini jaw clips I just to do a front poof? You could use one of those to hold the font section near your ponytail holder without having the elastic around your ends.

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