What’s my hair been up to? Nothing, but looking fabulous! At least on the weekends.

I’ve been sticking to my ponytail for the work week and twistout on the weekend. I’m still a bit nervous about the ponytail because the top of my hair just barely reaches the ponytail. The ends of those strands are right where the ponytail holder is. It just seems like it could have tragic results. I have to think of something better.

Sooooo… with that 20% off coupon code at CurlMart, what products should I try?!

Here’s my weekend fabulosity!



4 thoughts on “Fabulosity

  1. Very cute! Love the chunkiness!! Did you figure out what you’re getting yet? I’ve been eyeing the JessiCurl Rockin’ Ringlets to layer with the Confident Coils for my WnG. But, the reviews are really mixed, so not sure. Hmmmm, I don’t know what to suggest! Look through the “Best of the Best!”

    • Ha! We’re such product junkies. I think I want to try something else from the My Honey Child brand. We shall see. Gotta hurry up and decide.

      Thanks, by the way! =)

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