The beach & natural hair

I went for a stroll on the beach yesterday and this is what I ended up with. I must say that it wasn’t so much the humidity, but the gusty breeze really had its way with my hair.

Good thing I always carry my headband to rescue a twistout gone wrong. It’s not great, but definitely much improved.


I didn’t get to try out my new hair products because I haven’t had much hair time lately to do my deep conditions and really test out products. I’ll get to them soon though… and hopefully before I buy more


2 thoughts on “The beach & natural hair

  1. Rece your hair looks great. Hey because of you I tried out the KCCC on my flat twist for a twist out. I purchased the KCCC when I first became natural and I didn’t like the wash n go thing because I felt like I had a curly perm on Coming to America. So I am stuck with the big jar that I bought for $30 and after seeing your hair I gave it a try. Girl my hair has so much bounce. Of course I used a little of my Carols Daughter Some of Marguerites Magic for shine. Thank you.

  2. LOL @ Coming to America!

    I love when that happens. When you buy a product and it doesn’t work out great for the purpose you intended, then you find a way to use it that turns out to be grrrreat! I think that just happpened to me with the Kinky Curly Spiraling Spritz!

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