Wash and goooooooo!

I wrote a post about my vacation hair, but this is far more exciting, so that will have to wait.

Last night I untwisted my hair and decided to try the Naptural85 wash and go method. One of you lovely ladies told me about it when I first cut my hair, but I never actually tried it.

I went through the whole process yesterday (check out the video) and today I untwisted. This was also the first time I washed my hair in twists. I must say that I have mixed feelings about the results. I absolutely LOVE the definition of my curls…


…but the length of my hair just isn’t enough for me to fully like a wash and go on myself… as I expected.


But I worked it out. I whipped out the banana clip and made it happen. I like the way my hair feels, but the next time, I’ll apply a little oil before I leave it to air dry rather than after. She doesn’t use any product at all.


This method will DEFINITELY be in the arsenal for when my hair is long!

Thanks Naptural85!