Hair Slump

I’m kind of in a hair slump. I guess that’s why I haven’t posted much lately. The things that usually get me out of a slump are new products or inspiration for new hairstyles. I haven’t had either one recently.

I straightened my hair this weekend. It looked really nice when I just finished doing it, but not as nice the next day… in my opinion. Don’t get me wrong, it still looked nice, I’m just overly critical.

I wanted to straighten it to examine my ends. Surprisingly I didn’t trim my hair this time. I can even see some growth between now and the last time I straightened and trimmed it (Dec. 2011). Has it really been that long? I’ll have to check the archives. I can’t lie, I may trim a smidge off before I wash it.

I’m not really sure what products to use in my hair to keep it straight (which seems impossible) and to moisturize it. I am trying to avoid putting too much stuff in my hair because I’m curious to see if I can go more than a week without washing it. So far, I’ve used a little bit of EVOO and the same straightening serum I’ve used in the past.



10 thoughts on “Hair Slump

  1. Oooh Rece, it looks sooooo good!! Maybe you can try that Aveda anti-humectant? But, it’s been kind of dry around here lately. Wait, I guess you didn’t say it didn’t look as nice the next day because of humidity. So, what made it not look as good? It probably still looked great as you said;). As to product, they say you shouldn’t put much on it at all. EVOO is kind of a heavy oil … grapeseed is lighter. You might have a use for it now since it didn’t work for your pre-poo;)!!

    • Aveda anti-humectant. I’ll look for that. It was a combination of humidity and I think the fact that I blow dried it instead of letting it air dry when I washed it. I’ve only done the air drying method once so I’ll have to retry it to be sure that that’s the key to good straightening.

      As far as oil, grapeseed is much heavier on my hair than olive oil. My hair actually just sucks it all up anyway, so I do have to moisturizer it frequently.

  2. Hang in there! When I take this weave out next month, I am going to wear my own hair. Not sure how it will work, but I look forward to your post! It inspires me. 🙂

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