No man left behind

I will not be left behind. I will jump on the bandwagon and I will enjoy the ride!

Everyone else ordered their Terressentials hair wash. Now, I’ve ordered mine too! I ordered the Cool Mint. I really wanted the Lavender Garden, but it contains “organic sweet orange” and anything containing citrus makes my hairline breakout.

I’ll commit to the detox process. It sounds like a cult tho. They’re very specific about not going back to regular shampoo or using any other products while using theirs. Scary.

…and this is what’s left of my straightened hair. What a waste, but I had to go to the gym!




13 thoughts on “No man left behind

  1. Bwahahahahaha!!! I know, they are militant sounding on the site!! Did you read what they say about why they aren’t in a lot of locations?!?! I commented on it back on Chy’s Curlz post from November. In regard to other products, that was a concern of mine, but a few of the ladies commented on that same post that they still use their other products with no problem. So, I said, what they hey, we’ll give it a go! I mean, really, it sounds like it’s mostly just bentonite clay … which, by the way, I have under my sink (I use it for facials on occasion). So, worse come to worse, it’ll be under my sink with the other stuff and I’ll have only spent $5 because I had the gift certificate:)! Okay, we need to check in with each other on our results:)!! Mini-Terressentials challenge;)? LOL!

    And, your hair still looks nice … just nice curly/wavy instead of nice straight;). Exercise is more important;)!

  2. Man… All this talk has got me thinking I need to get in on this too… Look what yall started lol! Rece, I need you or Shelli to do a review first because I trust yall then I’ll order šŸ™‚

  3. Lol. Sounds like a little peer pressure. This is how I feel when we have a pool for lotto tickets at work. I start to feel like all my coworkers would win and leave me behind.

    • LOL!!! Well… no man left behind!

      I never do the lotto pools at work. I cut a deal with everyone that if they win, they give me 5%… each. I should be good. LOL

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