I’m All In

I’ve officially joined the Terressentials cult. I’ve sold my soul and signed on the dotted line (dramatization). I am now committed to washing my hair for 7 days straight. I don’t think that’s ever been done.

I received my Terressentials Hair Wash today. I am extremely pleased with how quick it was shipped and delivered. +1 for them.

I just washed my hair. I did two regular washes and the third wash I’m letting marinate in my hair mainly because I have extra time.

My first pick would have been the Lavender Garden, but I decided to go with the Cool Mint because it is the only scented one that doesn’t contain any citrus ingredients. I’m glad I chose Cool Mint because I’m enjoying the tingly, fresh feeling on my scalp right now.

I followed the directions. I may or may not have used enough because it was hard to gauge. I am accustomed to at least a little bit of lather. It’s hard to tell if the product is distributed throughout my hair without lather or color. I’ll get used to it.

My concern now is… will this 8oz bottle last me through the whole detox process? I almost bought two bottles, but if I didn’t like it, I’d hate to have two bottles of a product I hate.

My hair is already in a pretty healthy state, so we’ll see where this leads. My biggest challenge will likely be not using any other products.



4 thoughts on “I’m All In

  1. It’s pretty much like a no poo cleaner that’s 100% natural. It’s supposed to clean your hair of all of the impurities without stripping it, leaving it soft, full and shiny. We’ll see.

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