Berry Blast

I’ve been addicted to PartyLite candles for over a year now, so much so that I’ve recently decided to become a PartyLite consultant.

I use PartyLite home decor and candles to decorate my home. I fell in love with the smell of the candles and haven’t used anything else since. Over the next few days, I’ll share a few pics of pieces I own and also some of my favorite scents.

If candles are your thing (or even if they’re not), you can SHOP NOW to support me in my venture. Madeline Rodriguez is my friend who is showing me the ropes so that’s why you’ll see her name at the top. When prompted (usually when you’re adding an item to your cart), please type in “Sherece Black” for hostess.


So here’s the first piece. This is the Miranova Centerpiece. I have it on my dresser in my bedroom. The colors match the color scheme of my room. In it, I’m burning Berry Blast scented tea lights. Gogetchusome!



2 thoughts on “Berry Blast

  1. Cool. I used to sell candles that were handmade in my stress relief store. Now I only sell them at events. Once I’ve sold them all I am retiring in that area lol. I have to focus on other stuff. When I get some $$$ I can part with I will be sure to support.

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