Let me update you…

  • Either turning 30 has completely changed my hormones or the honey face wash is the best thing since sliced bread! I’ve been washing my face with honey about two times per week. I haven’t had any major breakouts since and when something tries to form, it’s gone the next day. I haven’t experienced any drying as others have found, probably because I don’t use it daily. Highly recommended
  • My scalp has improved tremendously! I’ve been washing with only Selsun Blue shampoo. I put oil (any kind) on the length of my hair to prevent it from drying out. When I condition my hair, I don’t allow the conditioner to touch my scalp. I’ve also stopped using leave in conditioner. My scalp may have been too conditioned. I think I may actually be able to go for more than a week without washing, if I wasn’t addicted to washing my hair so much!
  • I retried the Naptural85 wash and go method, this time adding a little oil to my hair while it was still in twists, but before it dried. I thought this would be a great idea and add some extra moisture. Well… my hair was still damp the next morning and my curls weren’t as defined. Moral of the story, I’ll be following her method without variation.
  • I’ve only tried it in the front of my hair, but I’m on the fence about the Taliah Waajid – Curly Curl Cream. It works great in the front of my hair, it does define my curls. I used my traditional Curls – Creme Brûlée for comparison and the Curly Curl Cream actually gives it a better look. My problem with it is that I can feel it in my hair. It has a hold that is slightly less than gel. I’m not sure I would want to put it in the whole length of my hair, but isn’t that what it’s supposed to be for? The jury is still out on this one.
  • XOXO,

    5 thoughts on “Let me update you…

    1. I totally feel you on not letting the conditioner touch the scalp. I’m thinking my scalp is itchy from conditioner build-up (I wash twice a week). Glad to here your seeing positive results!

      • Regular old honey. I actually bought it for the kitchen until I stumbled upon the honey face wash so I just used what I had.

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      • Regular old honey. I actually bought it for the kitchen until I stumbled upon the honey face wash so I just used what I had.

        I say go for it! It’s been treating me sooooo well. No more prescription face meds. I was always able to wean myself off, but a few weeks later my face would start to break out again.

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