Maybe I AM my hair!

I had a moment. Wait… I’m still living in that moment. That “maybe I AM my hair” moment. That “what was I thinking when I cut ALL of my hair off?” moment. That “why did I decide to grow out my relaxer?” moment.

I complained to my sis (and anyone willing to listen) about how horrible my hair looks lately, about how bored I am with all of the styles I do, about how much prettier I was with my sleek, straight hair, about how I am aboutthisclose to going and buying a relaxer to do my hair this weekend.

I’m all over the place! I read an old post from an old friend that made me realize that although I like my hair straight, I still do like the versatility of natural hair.

I saw an Instagram pic of a college friend who was showing off her natural hair 2.5 years post relaxer.

I realized that my last relaxer was 2 years ago on March 11th. I completely forgot to acknowledge my accomplishments.

Maybe it’s just a phase and it’ll pass. I won’t make any irrational decisions for now.

Aaahhh… the good old days! I guess I won’t stop until my natural hair looks like this!


6 thoughts on “Maybe I AM my hair!

  1. Honey I know the feelin! I go through those phases often. Ive never had a relaxer but I use to straighten my hair weekly. I miss my straight days all the time when I have dry unmanageable natural hair… It will pass girl. My hair hasn’t been this long since I was in grade school so its worth the headache!! Stay away from that perm box girl 🙂

  2. Miss Rece,

    Instead of looking at these pics when your hair was thick and healthy, look at the ones that made you realize that your hair was becoming thinner and less dense the longer that you used a relaxer. Look at the pics that prompted you to go natural in the first place ;).

    • Girl… I’m gonna have to repost those pics. I looked at those also. You know I still need my long healthy hair though, relaxed or not. I’m still on the “not” side. No worries. =)

      • Okay!!! LOL!! You know, I just had to do my duty to talk you down ;)!! LOL! Now, I’m on the hunt for that comment from Terressentials so that I can share the link in the comments on my site!!!

        • Okay, I just scrolled through and looked at this pic compared to your recent straightened hair pic. Girl, your hair is almost this length now. In 6 months to a year (if you aren’t too scissor happy;), you will be this length or longer, I think.

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