THW Cult – Final Day

I ended up doing the 5th day wash, which will be my last as far as detoxing goes. The main reason I wanted to wash my hair for the last time was because I wanted my hair to air dry overnight in 4 braids. This was a part of my experiment.

I also didn’t want to go back to my old conditioners. I wanted to try something natural, so I conditioned my hair with plain Greek Yogurt. I got the idea from Naptural85’s DIY Homemade Greek Yogurt Deep Conditioner. It stinks and I’m not sure if it was that beneficial to my hair, but it’s always hard to tell after using a protein conditioner.

As far as the Terressentials Hair Wash, I will definitely continue to use it (less often, obviously). I also plan to order one of the oils from their site.

The Experiment:

I’ve straightened my hair with the InStyler a few times since being natural. One of these times, I let it air dry before straightening it, rather than blow drying my hair. The ONE time I tried it this way, my hair came out really nice and it stayed straight longer. Why haven’t I done it this way every time I straighten my hair? Who knows! Maybe I forgot.

So my experiment was to wash my hair, let it air dry overnight and straighten it today. The experiment was successful! My hair did come out straighter and silkier. I must admit, I didn’t use a heat protector this time. *gasp* Mainly because I didn’t want to add any chemicals to my hair after all I’ve been through this past week. I’m pretty certain I didn’t burn my hair though. Come onnnnn… mom didn’t use serums to straighten my hair back in the days and my hair was perfectly fine. It’ll survive.

In addition, I trimmed my ends (again). You would think that by now, I trimmed all of my hair off, but nope! My ends seem to get bad so quick, mainly the right side, so I have to stay on top of it. By “bad,” I mean tons of ssk’s. I can’t say I’ve seen a split end though.

I’ve decided that I need a break from my hair. Clearly I’m doing THE MOST right now and it’s time for it to come to an end. I will attempt to go two full weeks without washing my hair (since my scalp is in great condition and I think it will allow me to). I will also try to keep my hair straight for a month, just so I can keep an eye on my ends. I think I’ve planned this before and never stuck with the plan. We’ll see.

No more bad hair days in 2012, whether my hair is curly or straight!


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