The verdict on pre-pooing

I kept saying that I didn’t feel the difference with my hair whether I pre-poo or not. That is now a false statement.

Last weekend, I accidentally forgot to pre-poo. I had just finished working out and I think I was too focused on just washing the sweat out that pre-pooing completely slipped my mind. It wasn’t until I put the conditioner in my hair that I realized I hadn’t pre-poo’d. I just continued with my usual routine and deep conditioned. Instead of using My Honey Child – Olive You deep conditioner, I switched back to Shea Moisture – Organic African Black Soap Balancing Conditioner.

When I finished washing and conditioning my hair and began twisting it, my hair felt different. It felt like it hadn’t really absorbed the moisture. It didn’t feel dry, but more like stripped. It wasn’t horrible, but I definitely felt the difference.

With that said, I’ll continue pre-pooing knowing that it is benefitting my hair.

In the next post, we’ll discuss my ends.


11 thoughts on “The verdict on pre-pooing

  1. Goooooo PRE-POO (In your best cheerleader voice) lol I love to pre poo. I just started doing it last month and thought I can’t remember how my hair did prior to prepoo, I love how my hair is easily detangled now!! I so glad I did this grow out challenge

    • See?! LOL!! When I saw your comment the other day that you forgot to do it last week and are posting about the experience, I suspected that you saw the difference when you DIDN’T pre-poo:). For me, what really sold me on it, was the whole idea that it prevents hygral fatigue, which can damage the hair. I figure that even if I don’t feel a difference (which I do … more in the smoothness of my hair … I think it helps my hair’s porosity), it’s still doing my hair good by preventing the “swelling and contraction.” Ultimately, I figured that would help with length retention as the older hair will stay in better condition for longer.

      • You’re like speaking a different language!!! What’s hygral fatigue? …and what’s swelling and contraction?

        I’m actually glad I forgot last time so that I could see the difference. I’m a believer now! Lol

        …and funny enough, my hair doesn’t like coconut oil as a sealer, but it works sooooo well for my pre-poo.

          • As to what you feel, my hair feels smoother, more supple and moisturized with pre-poos. And Rece, I’ve said the same thing about coconut oil as a sealer (it’s in the link I provided, but I’ve said it on multiple posts). It’s a no go for me as a sealer too. Makes my hair crunchy and seems like it dries it out! Very odd! Maybe because it isn’t as heavy, it absorbs more or is absorbed by the air when used as a sealant? I don’t know. But I only use it in pre-poos or added to DCs.

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