I’ve got 99 problems…

You know the rest!

As I mentioned before, the ends of my hair are so bushy. The only timw they don’t appear bushy is when i do a twistout. They’ve been like this since shortly after my big chop on 7.22.11. I thought it was because my ends were cut pretty blunt. I questioned if it was split ends, but how could it be if I just cut it? I’ve examined my ends and find no split ends, so why are my ends so bushy?

Recently, my hair has gotten really dry. (Like within the last week or two). I feel like no matter how long I deep condition it and no matter how much oil I put in it, it’s just dryyyyy. Could it be the change in weather? Is it time to revamp my regimen? I don’t wear many protective styles because of the length of my hair, but I do try to do low manipulation styles. Has it caught up with me?

Lastly, my scalp has been really itchy. I know it’s not dirty because it would start itching a day or two after I wash it. I haven’t added any new products to my regimen that I could attribute the itching to. Maybe it’s dry like my hair? People used to say that your scalp itches when your hair is growing. Could it be hair growth? Maybe I’m missing something in my diet?