The Rundown

In case you missed it, I was featured on Hairscapades yesterday for my Dry Bantu Knot Out. I wore that style for the day, then decide to take a nap. I tried the pineappling method, but with 3 pineapples since my hair is shorter. When I woke up later to go out, I decided to fluff and separate my hair and it came out fantastic! Don’t mind the fact that I’m messy, I was at j’ouvert for Labor Day weekend.


For this week, I’ve been bunning. Today is actually day 3 having a bun. Honestly, I hate it. It’s just a plain bun, no pizazz. Maybe I’ll try something different next week.

I’ve been dousing my hair with oil and then bunning it. It’s a mix of a few different types of oils and my hair is not even oily. My hair is sucking it up faster that I can put it in. I guess that answers my questions about why my hair felt so dry.

A friend of mine did a really nice style on her daughters hair. I’ll probably attempt it this weekend. Her daughter has much more length than I do, but it’s a protective style that can probably last a while (she leaves it in for 3 weeks). It’s also very versatile. I would post a pic or two, but I don’t want to put her child on the internet. I basically fell in love with the style and with her daughters hair. I suggested she quit her day job and do hair instead. =)