Cornrows & Twists

So the “mystery style,” which wasn’t intended to be a mystery was cornrows in the front and two strand twists in the back. I styled my hair like this on Thursday night. My hair needed to be washed and I figured I’d just go for it. I haven’t cornrowed my hair is ages. My hair was never really easy to cornrow because it’s so soft that the braids don’t stay for very long. The shorter finer hairs in the front (I refuse to say baby hairs LOL) don’t even catch into the cornrows. In any case, that was the planned style and that was what I was going to do.

For the back, I did my best with parting. We all know I can’t part the back of my head. I did find that a rat tail comb worked quite well for parting. What was I using before? I braided the beginning of each two strand twist. I saw that a lot of other people use this method to keep the twists from coming out. My twists don’t loosen up at the root, so I’m not sure why I even did that.

I had just washed my hair and I knew it would shrink a lot by the morning, so I used a scrunchie to hold the twists in the back and to stretch them a little. It actually worked.

When I finished the style, it was well after midnight and… I hated it! LOL. The twists at the ends of the cornrows didn’t fall the way I imagined and I was forced to do the stupid crown that I abhor. It was just too late to change it or do anything else, so I just put a scarf on my head and went to bed. In the morning it looked much nicer, but I quickly remembered why I don’t cornrow my hair. It just always looks messy to me.

I got a lot of compliments (not that that matters), but throughout the day I didn’t like the way the twists in the back looked. Last night I retwisted the back, but this time without the braids at the beginning. The braids didn’t help at all, my hair was loosening. I actually feel like the braided part didn’t hold as well as just plain twists.

I left the cornrows in despite how much I hate them, but I might try twisting my whole head and wearing the twists as a style. I think smaller twists look better as a style.

Without further ado… here are the pics. Cameras make my hair look sooooo much better. Lol.