Bantu Knots

I’ve been meaning to try Bantu Knots for a long time. I just knew that if I did them, my hair would never dry. Recently, I saw a pic of my friend and her hair looked fabulous. I asked her what she did to her hair and she told me that she dries it some, then two strand twists it, then Bantu Knots it. I don’t know why it never occurred to me to do Bantu knots on dry hair, but I decided to try it last night.

I twisted my hair with some Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Curls – Creme Brule. I did a bunch of Bantu Knots. I wasn’t sure how big or small I should do them. I tend to do my twists smaller than most people because I feel like my hair gets too frizzy when I do bigger twists and have to separate them. I like good definition in my styles. In any case, I did my Bantu Knots slightly bigger than the sections I usually use. It was pretty quick and easy. I had to use a bobby pin to for about three of the twists because the ends just weren’t staying tucked in.

Here are the two strand twists in Bantu Knots…



This morning I unravelled and untwisted and this is what I got. Unfluffed.


…and the final outcome. Usually when you see me with a headband in the front, that means something went wrong with the part that falls in my face. LOL


I think it came out pretty good. I’m not sure what I expected, but I like that the ends are all curled. A lot of times, I end up with straight ends when I do a twistout.


2 thoughts on “Bantu Knots

    • Yeah, definitely try the dry Bantu knots! I’m sure you’ll make something fabulous out of it that I’ll have to try! Lol. It didn’t really come out how I expected it to look, but I wasn’t sure what to expect anyway. *shrugs*

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