Twists & Shrinkage

This is my third week of having twists. I wasn’t planning to twist my hair for so long, but after seeing how moisturized my hair was after the first week, I decided to keep it going. The goal is to wear twists for a full month. One more week to go after this set.

People keep asking me what I use in my hair and I realized the only thing I use is olive oil. I don’t use any other products for hold or moisture when I twist my hair. I oil my hair when its wet and I first twist it and I oil it a few times during the week.

My face is very sensitive, so now I’ve been trying to twist it into styles where my hair isn’t hanging in my face because my forehead broke out from the first week. *thumbs down* My skin was doing so well for so long.

Here’s this weeks style…




…and look at how much shrinkage I have!!! People always ask me how long my hair is now. I realized that it’s because it looks so short in its natural state. Shrinkage is a beast!



2 thoughts on “Twists & Shrinkage

  1. Look at those chunky doodie twists! They look great. I did box braids last night and left the ends unraveled. It yields a better, long lasting effect on my fine hair. I am going to take them out on Friday though. i’m going to a family bbq and will do a WnG – last one for the summer! (i think )

    • “chunky doodie twists” LOL!!!! I can’t wait to see your hair when you take it out. I don’t think I’ve ever done braids. My hair seems to like twists better.

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