Straight Hair – Take 2

“I’ve been gone for a minute, now I’m back at the jump-off!”

I decided to take another shot at straightening my hair. I’ve been contemplating it all week, then today I discovered CristiGold in her video on CurlyNikki’s site and I was ready for the challenge. I swear she’s my hair twin!

Last time I straightened it, I blow dried it, then used a curling iron to straighten it. I was overly nervous about burning my hair, so I didn’t straighten it that much.

This time, I read this post that Curly Nikki did for Essence and decided to try this method.

I washed my hair last night, deep conditioned, and braided it into 4 sections, then went to sleep. This afternoon after it completely dried, I unbraided and straightened one section at a time using the Instyler (forgot I had it). I used a lot of heat protector straightening serum as well. I always used this on my relaxed hair, so I still have it.


I couldn’t straighten it and just leave my ends looking as raggedy as they looked, so I did trim them just a little. If my hair was longer, I would have trimmed about an inch off, which is what it really needs.

I bumped the ends with a curling iron. My hair got really straight and smooth. I wrapped my hair and to smooth the ends after I wrapped it, you wouldn’t believe what I used… wait for it… wait for it… EcoStyler Gel mixed with hair protector straightening serum! I quickly put my scarf on my head after that. Let’s see how that works out.

Without further ado, here’s my straightened hair. It’s so uneven, so it looks layered. I can’t wait to even it out… after it grows a lot more.


Look at how much shrinkage I have! Craziness! This was before the mini trim. Do you see those raggedy ends?!?!


Not bad! Not bad! I just wonder if it would stay straight if I wore it out. Any tips to prevent frizz and prevent it from reverting?


13 thoughts on “Straight Hair – Take 2

  1. Looking good. Shrinkage is a beast. I’m contemplating on straightening mine also, but a little nervous about split ends and heat damage that i got the last time i straightened in September. Oh well. So why did you use gel again on the ends? Don’t make sense. Wouldn’t the gel revert the straightness?

    • Well… the ends need more trimming, so they’re not as smooth as the rest of my hair. I put a dot of gel with the serum to smooth it some more. Yes, the gel would make it revert which is why I put the scarf on quick, fast and in a hurry to keep it smooth. It’s equivalent to putting gel in the front of your hair and tying it with a scarf until the gel dries to keep the front smooth.

  2. Hey Stranger!! You guys all abandoned me!!! T-kia has been incog, Miss Mickey hasn’t posted since November 7th, Marsha was gone for a month almost (good to see you back, if only really quickly;) and Rece, you were gone for weeks too! I’m like … “Where are my girls:(???” LOL!

    Looks good Rece! Did you always straighten your hair yourself when you were relaxed?

    • LOL. I was only gone for 10 days! I’m here. Just nothing exciting in the hair world. I’ve always done my hair myself. When it was relaxed all I did was roller set it though. No blow drying or flat ironing or Instyling. I got the Instyler when I was transitioning.

      Although its winter, my hair will always and forever do its own thing. It doesn’t need humidity to frizz. I put a lot of the serum in it, so we’ll see.

      I’m actually considering straightening it more often. I need to keep a close eye on my ends.

    • Almost a month? Wow was I really gone that long? Wasn’t T-Kia having her renewal of nuptial? Like Rece said, nothing special in the hair department. Less manipulation has worked out a lot for me. I still read or skim through Hairscapades blog post from time to time.

      • Yeah, u were gone for a good minute! T-Kia’s thing is in February. Poor thing is so busy. I may not have posted (for only 10 days), but I’ve been stopping by everyone’s site here and there.

  3. Oh, as to preventing frizz … the heat protectant as well as the cooler, drier winter air should help do that. I don’t think you should really need to add anything else.

  4. You did a good job! Yeah I feel you on those ends. Due to this GOC I didn’t cut off all of my damaged ends to preserving my length. My mom never trimmed my ends when she was still doing my hair. I can’t believe you used Eco styler on straightened hair lol my hair would have reverted immediately… I only know that because I did that the last time I pressed my hair lol!!!

    • LOL! Just a dot of EcoStyler gel… and I mixed it with the serum!!!!! It didn’t do much as far as smoothing my ends anyway.

      I thought about not trimming because of the challenge, but I would be doing my hair a disservice by not trimming. It could just make matters worse in the long run.

  5. Very nice!! I was anxiously awaiting your next post, lol! I always use a flat iron to straighten my hair after blow drying it. I never had problems with it reverting, only if I went near the beach. So I would suggest getting a good flat iron where you can adjust the temperature.

  6. Love it! I used the same heat protectant when I straightened my hair for the first time in 7 months in November. I didn’t use a lot of heat. How hot was the Instyler when you straightened your hair? I’ve never used it. I like how smooth and sleek your hair looks! Nicely done:)

    • Thanks! Well, the Instyler only has three settings. I put it on the lowest one. It did come out way better than I expected. I can actually wear my hair straight.

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