The SSK Saga

The amount of single strand knots I have is absurd. I need to trim my hair more regularly. In fact, I need to trim off a good amount, but I refuse. I think the fact that I bun it while it’s wet contributes to the ssk’s. Ugh!

This weekend I blow dried my hair after I washed it. I didn’t blow dry it straight, just enough to dry my hair because I had to leave the house soon. Leaving the house with wet hair in this weather is a formula for trouble. It’s much easier to work with my hair when it’s blow dried. In addition, I use less gel.

I’m not sure that this will become an every week routine, but hey… you never know.

This has been my go-to style. Not the best shot, but you get the idea. I’ve posted pics before of it done on wet hair.


That’s all she wrote.