The SSK Saga

The amount of single strand knots I have is absurd. I need to trim my hair more regularly. In fact, I need to trim off a good amount, but I refuse. I think the fact that I bun it while it’s wet contributes to the ssk’s. Ugh!

This weekend I blow dried my hair after I washed it. I didn’t blow dry it straight, just enough to dry my hair because I had to leave the house soon. Leaving the house with wet hair in this weather is a formula for trouble. It’s much easier to work with my hair when it’s blow dried. In addition, I use less gel.

I’m not sure that this will become an every week routine, but hey… you never know.

This has been my go-to style. Not the best shot, but you get the idea. I’ve posted pics before of it done on wet hair.


That’s all she wrote.


11 thoughts on “The SSK Saga

  1. I’ve been blow drying mine also. It’s alot easier to manage while it’s dry. Plus stretching it minimizes the amount of ssk’s you will get….plus trimming it helps.

  2. The style is really cute though 🙂

    I think you’re right about getting the SSKs because of wet setting. I never get SSK’s which is surprising because I let air dry 100% of the time. I also find that using Jane Carter’s Nourish and Shine prevents them. I may be wrong and maybe’s it’s a combination of my leave in and oils but my last SSK was months ago and I got it when I conditioned with the JBCO protein conditioner without using the cool and seal technique that Shelli shared. When I use that technique when washing my hair is good. I also wash in 4 braids now, leaving me with virtually no tangles. Maybe you should try that if you’re not already doing it

      • It looks really soft and fluffy. I don’t get many SSKs either, though I do get some. I also do search and destroys when I do find one. If you let SSKs fester, they’ll cause more and, before you know it, you’ll have a head ridden with them.

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