Quick & Easy

What had happened was… I was planning to leave my twists in for another week, but on Sunday I got up to go to church and messing with my hair caused me to be late for church.

I realized that the twists are cool, but they still need to be styled somewhat. That is something that I can not commit to doing during the week, so I went back to my trusty bun. The most I do with my hair during the week in the morning is smooth down my edges. I do my bun and gel down the front from the night before. Leaving at the crack of dawn is no joke and to be honest, those few extra minutes of sleep are more important than my hair. =)

Remember my puff in August?


Here’s my puff now!



14 thoughts on “Quick & Easy

  1. Oh … my … goodness!! Okay, so is this your December update;)?!?! I’ll jack it if it is:). Maybe I’ll need to combine it with your twist one where you compare your twists to Katrina.

    • Hummmm… I’ll write you a separate update by end of business Saturday. Lol.

      You should just jack stuff when u see it. If you leave it up to me, I’ll tweak to perfection and it’ll take me ages to get it to you! Lol

  2. Wow I hope my hair grows that fast when I do the BC. How much gel do you use? Right now I catch myself using a little too much because the hair has gotten really thick!

    • I actually don’t use that much. Maybe a quarter sized amount… twice. I really just smooth the edges in the front and the sides right by my ear. I think I use less now that when I was transitioning. I also gel it when it’s wet and put my scarf on to hold it down.

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