Twisted Updo

I still have my mini twists in. I feel the need to wash them although they look fine. I actually retwisted my first row of twists last night. I feel like I can smell the oils in my hair though and I’m big on smell. I’ve been using my olive oil mix every other day and I’ve even used my Carol’s Daughter Hair Balm. I really dislike the way that product smells though.

Yesterday I decided to try an updo after seeing several people with cute updos. The night before, I rolled my twists on flexirods to stretch them because I noticed they shrank a lot more this time than last time. When I finally took the flexirods out, they were curled, but stretched.

I pinned my hair up with bobby pins and I left one side down as I always do. The style came out really cute and I got a few compliments.





8 thoughts on “Twisted Updo

  1. Well, well. A updo you say? Very cute. These twists styles are a love. I’m sitting here re-twisting random twists around the front of my head. They are looking a little fuzzy, and I want them to last as long as I can stand them.

    • Yeah, I’m working on making mine last too. You especially need to since they took so long to do.

      Your updo was an inspiration too. I love these twists.

  2. How is the fuzz holding up? I want the mini twist so I don’t have to deal with my hair but I am scared of my hair looking like fuzzy wuzzy!

    • Well you’ll never know until you try. =)

      It’s not too frizzy, I must say. I just washed it, so it’s a little frizzier than it was before. I tried not to manipulate it too much during the wash. Doing styles with it actually take away from it looking frizzy, in my opinion.

      I’m going to try to wear it for another few days… hopefully a week!

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