Swirl it up!

As the week moves on, I always feel compelled to pin my twists up. This week, I did a big flat twist on the side and pinned the end up in a swirl. I like how it came out. The front is a little messy looking (to me) because of my curly hairline, but I’m just embracing it and moving on.

I’m mainly glad I haven’t used gel in my hair in almost 3 weeks. My hairline still isn’t great, but it’s improving. I can’t believe I’ve even kept my hair in twists for 3 weeks (not continuously). I am getting the itch to straighten it though.

People have complemented me on my hair and I feel weird accepting the complement because I think it looks a bit messy, but ah well. Thanks! LOL.




Manicure Monday

It’s manicure Monday!

This weeks manicure is Orly “Bailamos” on the tips, with Orly “Twilight” for the shimmer.

Lately my manicure hasn’t been lasting. Let’s hope this one makes it through the week. *fingers crossed*