Natural Hair Blog Directory!


I’ve joined the Natural Hair Blog Directory so you can check me and many other Naturalistas out there! Awesome site because you can search natural hair blogs by hair type. Many people tend look for bloggers who have similar hair textures to see what works for them and also to follow their hair journey. I’m listed under Coily.

My hair’s current state… I’ve been mostly wearing my hair is twists… two strand flat twists that is! I love them. They’re quick and easy to do. They don’t last long though (maybe 2-3 days), but I can easily retwist them one at a time since I generally only do 6 twists. The beauty of them is that if I have somewhere to go where I need my hair to be done, I can easily untwist them for a beautiful twist out. I think this will be my go-to style for the Summer. I hope my hair appreciates the low manipulation style.






Product Review – Loreal Oleo Therapy

New Product Alert!!!

The lovely London (@MissLondonBella) recommended Loreal – Total Repair 5 Damage Erasing Balm. I went to Target to buy it twice and it wasn’t there despite seeing it on their website as being available.

I did find the Loreal Oleo Therapy Deep Recovery Hair Mask. I fell in love with the smell and the consistency so I bought it. I washed my hair and deep conditioned it for about 30 minutes. The directions recommend 3-5 minutes, but as usual, I got caught up doing other things. Once I rinsed it out, my hair felt moisturized but not weighed down.

The conditioner is very thick and creamy and melted right into my hair. Because of how thick it is, I thought my hair would have felt more weighed down, but it didn’t.

Once I was done, the only thing I used in my hair was Extra Virgin Olive Oil and I twisted it.