Product Review – Nothing But

20140331-091422.jpgYesterday was washday and I decided to use my Nothing But Sampler Pack.

I used the Clarifying Shampoo first. I liked the consistency of it. It was more like a jelly than runny like most shampoos. I got good lather and my hair felt really clean after just one wash. It worked well as a clarifying shampoo, especially after a week of wearing my hair straight. It was just what I needed.

I used the Creamy Cleanser next. I generally don’t like creamy cleansers because I don’t co-wash my hair. This one was no different. I didn’t feel like it really cleansed or conditioned. I couldn’t imagine using it alone as a cleanser. Then again, according to the instructions it was the second step, so maybe it wasn’t meant to be used alone.

Next I used the Intense Healing Mask. I was a bit skeptical at first about how well it would work, but it felt great when I put it in my hair. I left it in for about 30 minutes. To my surprise, my hair felt moisturized after. Of all of the products I tried from this line, this was my favorite.

These products were mostly unscented, which was cool for a change. I’d rather that than a scented product with a scent I dislike.

I hope you find this review helpful.


Workout Prep

Many wonder if you can workout with your natural hair straightened. Yes! Yes! …and Yes!

I used to be nervous about working out with straightened hair because I knew that would be the end of my style… until I tweaked my method of prepping.

We need to be beautiful inside and out and working out will help us achieve just that.

Here are 7 Steps I use to prep my straightened hair before a workout:

1. I apply a little bit of extra virgin olive oil (my oil of choice) and/or a straightening serum mostly to my edges. This is a key step because it helps to prevent the hair from reverting when you start sweating.

2. I smooth my hair back into a secure ponytail.


3. I wrap the length of my ponytail into a bun being careful not to let the ends of my hair fall on the inside of the bun so that they are as far away from the sweat as possible.

4. Secure the ends onto my bun using a jaw clip.


5. Wrap a cotton scarf around my head to keep my edges laid down while I workout. I use a cotton scarf because it’s a pretty absorbent material compared to a satin or silk scarf. Leave the flap open in the back to allow some air to circulate.


6. Once I’m finished working out, I leave the cotton scarf on until after I shower. I then brush my edges (without taking the ponytail out otherwise the curls will have free reign) and wrap a silk/satin scarf around the edges to maintain the smoothness until my hair dries.

7. Once my hair dries, I can style as usual.

This method works well. I workout hard, but I’m not running marathons or anything!