Silk Press with Miss London Bella


This Sunday I had the pleasure of having my hair done by London AKA @MissLondonBella (on Instagram)

London is based in Atlanta, but comes to NY for a week or two every couple of months to style hair.

I first learned of her from @PrincessLinzz (on Instagram) when she got her hair done a few months ago. I was in absolute love with London’s work when I first saw the pics, so of course I was looking to see when she would be back in NY.

I haven’t had anyone touch my hair since I’ve been natural and even when I was relaxed, only a handful of people have done my hair. I’m extremely particular with who I let do my hair, so this was a BIG deal for me. I was getting nervous as the appointment approached and even thought of canceling. Eek!

As I looked through London’s older pics, the caption for one spoke of a client who was nervous, full of questions and had a few bad experiences. London stated that her job is to put her clients at ease and encourage them. She mentioned that the client left with a smile and that made her smile.

This stuck in my head because it’s how I felt before going. I was super nervous and full of questions. I was wondering what products she would use, would my hair come out as nice as everyone else’s, will she trim too much like others have done in the past and most important, will my hair curl back up when I wash it.

London was very welcoming when I first arrived. We chatted for a bit (absolute sweetheart) and she took the time to examine my hair before she started. She asked several questions about how I care for my hair and how I like to wear my hair and also gave advice on how I can improve the health of my hair, styling tips, styling tools and products. She listened to everything I said and really reassured me that I was in good hands. It also helps that her hair is natural as well.

For this visit, I got a wash, treatment, trim and silk press. My hair was so silky when she was done! Literally gone with the wind fabulous! She trimmed my hair nicely and I didn’t leave with several inches cut off which was one of my biggest concerns.

I am extremely happy with her work. The pics don’t even do it any justice. The only thing I have yet to see is my curls pop back when I wash my hair. That won’t be for another week or two though.

I highly recommend her if you’re in Atlanta or NY… or close enough to travel there. Just make sure you don’t take up all of the appointment times because I’ll certainly be back!



Blow dried….


After! Love the light bouncy curls!