Dermatologist Visit

Regarding my scalp, I decided it was time to make another trip to my dermatologist. I hadn’t been in about a year. I didn’t like the medications she prescribed for my scalp before, so I stopped using them. I also didn’t think they were working. Instead of being like a typical patient and stopping and never revisiting the idea of medications, I decided to go back and see if there was something else she could prescribe me.

The Selsun Blue worked pretty well for a while, but lately I haven’t been getting any relief of this Seborrheic Dermatitis. I started to wonder if it was something else.

The dermatologist stood by her diagnosis, but this time prescribed me a medicated shampoo called Loprox. I was told to wash my hair with my usual shampoo, rinse it out and then apply the Loprox to my scalp only and let it sit for 15 minutes, then rinse. The Loprox (Ciclopirox) shampoo is a tiny bottle. I was skeptical at first as to how long it would last, but a little really goes a long way.


I was also given a liquid solution (Mometasone Furoate) to apply to my scalp twice a day for two weeks. I realized I only comb my hair once a day at most, so I’ve been using it once a day. Ssshhhh! Don’t tell her. Let me just say that the base of this solution is Isopropyl Alcohol 40%! It smells, looks, feels and absorbs like rubbing alcohol. I am definitely nervous about my hair drying out. Although it has a nozzle applicator, I know some of it is getting on my strands. Eek!


My scalp looks and feels a million times better! Next week I will follow up with her and see if and how she changes my regimen. I’m definitely thankful I went back and tried something new.

Macadamia Natural Oil – Review

I received Macadamia Nut Oil’s Rejuvenating Shampoo, Deep Repair Mask and Healing Oil Treatment samples from my CurlMart order. I forgot how much I loved getting great samples from CurlMart!


I used the shampoo to wash my hair that evening and it was ok. It is very fragrant… too much for me, but it has a nice smell. I didn’t think anything was special about the shampoo, but it did clean my hair and scalp. *shrugs*

I also used the Deep Repair Mask Conditioner. I would have liked the sample pack to be a little bigger because you know how it gets with the conditioner! In any case, I applied it to my hair in sections. It is also very fragrant. When I first put it in, I didn’t think it would work that well. It felt great in my hair, but I thought once I rinsed it, my hair wouldn’t feel moisturized. Like the conditioners that completely rinse out and leave your hair feeling like you didn’t even condition it. I was WRONG! When I rinsed my hair, my hair felt very moisturized, but not weighed down. I was surprised that it worked so well. Great product.