Macadamia Natural Oil – Review

I received Macadamia Nut Oil’s Rejuvenating Shampoo, Deep Repair Mask and Healing Oil Treatment samples from my CurlMart order. I forgot how much I loved getting great samples from CurlMart!


I used the shampoo to wash my hair that evening and it was ok. It is very fragrant… too much for me, but it has a nice smell. I didn’t think anything was special about the shampoo, but it did clean my hair and scalp. *shrugs*

I also used the Deep Repair Mask Conditioner. I would have liked the sample pack to be a little bigger because you know how it gets with the conditioner! In any case, I applied it to my hair in sections. It is also very fragrant. When I first put it in, I didn’t think it would work that well. It felt great in my hair, but I thought once I rinsed it, my hair wouldn’t feel moisturized. Like the conditioners that completely rinse out and leave your hair feeling like you didn’t even condition it. I was WRONG! When I rinsed my hair, my hair felt very moisturized, but not weighed down. I was surprised that it worked so well. Great product.