Product Review – Nothing But

20140331-091422.jpgYesterday was washday and I decided to use my Nothing But Sampler Pack.

I used the Clarifying Shampoo first. I liked the consistency of it. It was more like a jelly than runny like most shampoos. I got good lather and my hair felt really clean after just one wash. It worked well as a clarifying shampoo, especially after a week of wearing my hair straight. It was just what I needed.

I used the Creamy Cleanser next. I generally don’t like creamy cleansers because I don’t co-wash my hair. This one was no different. I didn’t feel like it really cleansed or conditioned. I couldn’t imagine using it alone as a cleanser. Then again, according to the instructions it was the second step, so maybe it wasn’t meant to be used alone.

Next I used the Intense Healing Mask. I was a bit skeptical at first about how well it would work, but it felt great when I put it in my hair. I left it in for about 30 minutes. To my surprise, my hair felt moisturized after. Of all of the products I tried from this line, this was my favorite.

These products were mostly unscented, which was cool for a change. I’d rather that than a scented product with a scent I dislike.

I hope you find this review helpful.


8 thoughts on “Product Review – Nothing But

  1. Hi how r u love the hair
    I was wondering what is ur hair type? How long does your hair stretch after blow drying (inches?) we seem to have the same type of hair and I too exp a lot of shrinkage thinking of heat training via blow dryer or visiting the women in NY u mentioned Suggestion on blow drying techniques??

    • I’m guessing my hair type is 3c kind of. I don’t know how long it stretches in inches because I’ve never measures. My hair shrinks to less than half of it’s full length.

      • Thx 4 ur response
        any suggestions or tips for blow drying? Im not good with hair typing how can I figure it out Is there a chart lol? have you visited miss London in NY again for a silking/press? Is she expensive?
        Thx again for your help

        • If you blow dry, remember to use a heat protectant so that you don’t run the risk of getting heat damage. I don’t really pay much attention to hair typing, so I’m not sure. I’ve only gone to London once which was my first time and it was a little over a week ago. I will be going back to her when she’s in NY again. She does hair in Atlanta the majority of the time.

  2. Hi, I stumbled on your blog and although you have a lot of posts, you do not have an “About” page where I can read about who you are and how you started your hair journey, I’m just very curious to know.

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