My Setback

I’ve been doing right by my hair for a long time. I’ve been taking Manetabolism hair vitamins, deep conditioning, sleeping with my satin scarf and all of the other DO’s of having natural hair.

I straightened my hair at the end of February and again at the end of March. I thought to myself that it was too much in a short period of time (although there was no heat damage), so in order to continue to do right by my hair, I decided to refrain from heat for now.

All was well. I stretched my hair on washday by twisting it, so as the days went on it became easier to manage. I was getting used to styling my hair without gel. I was really enjoying it until…

Yesterday when I combed my hair I noticed little chips of hair in the sink. Chips of hair!!!!! Like BREAKAGE! I freaked out! My hair sheds, but I never, ever, ever see breakage.

I spoke to a few of my natural hair friends and the first question they ask is… Did you change products? Did you change your regimen? Products, yes… but I always do. I rarely use the same products weekly. Regimen, yes. I haven’t been blow drying my hair.

Somewhere along my natural hair journey I realized that blow drying my hair helps to prevent single strand knots. Sooooo… since I decided to be heat-free I haven’t been blow drying, which lead to more single strand knots and my hair finally began to break where the knots were. Sigh.

Realizing this, I washed and deep conditioned my hair, blow dried it and trimmed it.

Problem solved!


4 thoughts on “My Setback

  1. So, how are you styling when you blowdry? Flat ironing or doing a dry set? I ask bc I’m struggling with dry sets (I REFUSE to cut the last 7″ even though I have 11″ of new growth so I big trim as it grows). Dry sets look frizzier to me.

    • I put it in a bun after I blow dried it. I don’t flat iron or do dry sets. I completely understand not cutting off the last 7″. If I had to do it all over again, I wouldn’t have cut my hair.

  2. Girl I can so relate to having setbacks to my natural hair. I think mine is due to using too much products with protein. I’ve been bunning for several days now and spritzing with a conditioner and h2o combo then sealing with oil. Today I shook out my faithful curly wig so I could look like a Mother’s child on Mother’s day. 😆

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