Onward & Upward for 2016!

I made the decision to expand AHairStory in 2016.

First on the list was to create AHairStory.com. I used to own the domain name several years ago, but because I didn’t post much, I decided to give it up. I’m happy to say that IT’S MINE AGAIN!!!

The second item on my list was to create a business email address at my own .com. As of today, for business inquiries, I can be reached at Hello@AHairStory.com.

Third and fourth, I plan to scope on Periscope this year and also to do some YouTube videos. I plan to start off with tutorials. I have a few in mind based on questions I receive often. If there’s anything you’d like to see, please comment and let me know.

Follow me on Instagram @AHairStory and you can also subscribe to my site right here!

Welcome to AHairStory.com!!


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