Roller Set Results…

Roller setting my natural hair for the first time was a process. First I had to buy smaller rollers. I’m used to using the big gray rollers because my hair was always long. I didn’t know what size to buy, so I bought two sizes. I figured I could use the smaller size on the shorter parts of my hair. It didn’t take me long to set my hair. All in all, it wasn’t a horrible experience. Here are the results…




I’ve got some nice curls going. The back didn’t seem to straighten as much as the rest, although it was completely dry.



The plan was to smooth it down and wrap it to get it to smooth out even more, but I noticed that the more I combed it, the bigger it was getting. A friend said on Twitter that “natural hair can’t be tamed.” Now that’s the truth!


…and the final style…







wait for it…







wait… for… it…











Soooo… would I roller set my hair again? Not anytime soon. I didn’t roller set my hair for me to have any extravagant style. I wanted to see if the texture of my hair was softer after I roller set it. It was, but it wasn’t worth all of the trouble just for me to have my same old bun. Besides, I miss my twistout already.


13 thoughts on “Roller Set Results…

  1. LOL!!! But Rece, it’ll get bigger because you are combing, but once you wrap it and tie it down overnight (have you heard of the “silk wrap” where you wrap your hair, then wrap it with saran wrap and sit under the dryer for another 15 minutes or so?), it would have “mooshed” it down so it wouldn’t be as big. But, it would probably still have a lot of body. I love the just released curls:). What kind of dryer do you use? I need a new dryer!! LOL!!

    • Yes Shelli, but I had to comb it to attempt to wrap it. Lol. Well, I wasn’t planning to have it out anyway. It may have looked nice in the morning, but I’m 100% sure it would have expanded to something I don’t need/want at work. Lol.

      As far as the dryer, I dunno off hand. I’ll have to let u know when I get back home and can check. I’m promise you it was VERY inexpensive. I got it at a random beauty supply store. It has a cool setting and then low, medium and high. Nothing fancy.

  2. You know I always support the wearing of a bun… LOL. But it does seem like a lot to go through to only end up with a bun. Looks like it got really smoothed and stretched out. I’ve been toying with the idea of roller setting mine, but I’m afraid I’ll have to sit under the dryer for 8 years. 😦 What product did you use to set it?

    • Yeah, your hair is super long, it may never dry! It would probably be easier to stretch it onto the roller though. What products did I used? Hummmm… I think just Kinky Curly Knot Today and my EVOO mix. I didn’t use anything to set the curls because I didn’t want crunchy curls.

  3. The curls were nice…all u needed was a little flower by the ear! I would say save that for a special occasion too much work.

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