Roller Set, Perhaps?

I’m thinking of roller setting my hair and sitting under the hair dryer. I’ve always preferred roller setting over blow drying because there’s significantly less mechanical damage that can occur since you’re not ripping through your hair with a blow dryer.

I haven’t applied any heat to my hair in almost a year and I did my BC in July, so I doubt any of the hair on my head even knows what heat is.

The reason I’m thinking of doing this is because I want to see if my hair will feel softer when it dries by heat and isn’t air dried.

Taking it back to the old school! Has anyone roller set their natural hair?

What do you think?


*Credit to Shelli for the poll idea. LOL*

10 thoughts on “Roller Set, Perhaps?

  1. I have done a roller set before and I came out ok. I just don’t think I have the patience to add that into my routine. I didn’t use heat, I let those suckers air dry all day and I still got soft results. I probably would do roller sets only on special occasions.

  2. I recently purchased a hair dryer mainly for that purpose. I haven’t done it yet, mainly because I need more big rollers and clips. Go for it. I know I will find the time to sit under dryer because I will just do my blogs and other web browsing while my hair dries. I usually get lost on the web anyway.

  3. Rece, I would love to see what kind of results you get with a roller set!! What type of rollers do you plan on using?? I have had Curlformers for over a year and have yet to try them because I just don’t feel like devoting the time to the set. And, as Rece said, air drying is not an option … I just don’t think my hair would dry in 24 hours, let alone 8!! Then, add on that, my dryer just isn’t doing the job anymore and I haven’t sucked it up to buy another one yet and the roller set is a no go for me. Marsha, what dryer did you buy???

    Polls are fun, right Rece:)?

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