Hair Slump

It’s been a rough week with work. I’ve had my hair in a bun all week. *yawn* That’s a first! I’m contemplating if I should do a dry twistout for tomorrow (prob not). I usually like to have a style for the weekend and a plain bun is sooooo the opposite of cute. The only thing is that it’s supposed to rain tomorrow. Blah!

On Wednesday I missed my relaxed hair. I was looking at some pics from 2005 and beyond and loving my hair. I don’t know if it’s so much the straightness that I miss, or if I miss the length more.

Yesterday I looked up the YouTube video of KimmayTube talking about the pH of hair and hair products. I previously doused my hair in Castor oil and I realized that my hair is only curly when I’m washing it and it’s under the running water. I remembered in her video she stated that products that are a certain pH cause the hair to curl more and that products that are a higher pH cause the hair to be more straight and bushy, which is good for stretching the hair. I mostly use oils, so I never get that curl effect. In addition, she said that oils don’t add moisture, they just seal in moisture. Hummmm…

After I looked at the video and washed my hair, I decided to mix a new batch of the KimmayTube leave in and give it another shot. It actually worked out pretty well. I put some additional Aloe Vera Gel in my hair to hold the front down. I think I haven’t been using enough product when I’ve tried it before. I can’t say that my hair curled more, but it felt more moisturized. Then back into a bun it went.

I have no idea what I’m doing differently, but this wasn’t the texture of my hair before. I’m on a quest to find the right product to bring out the curl and shine that I know is there.


2 thoughts on “Hair Slump

  1. I think you are just missing your length the most. I washed my hair today and every time I wash I have realized that my hair is super duper curly only while the water is running on it. I also find my hair to also be more defined when I use my Giovanni conditioner. As for oils, my hair loves castor oil, my hair seems extremely thick after a couple days.

    • It might be the airdrying. My hair was never really good with air drying. I always roller set my hair and sat under the dryer. When I was younger I blowdryed my hair, so this air drying is all new. Maybe I’ll try a roller set sometime soon. I’m not ready to blowdry. It’s been close to a year since I used any heat on my hair.

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