Straight Hair Prep

I have an irrational fear that my hair has not grown at all since the last time I straightened it.

I have a rational fear that after I trim the ssk’s from my ends, I will have no growth to show for the last few months.

I plan to straighten my hair before the weekend comes and these are the thoughts running through my head. I’ll be whipping out my length check t-shirt and measuring up. I don’t know why I feel like the pressure is on.

I bought some new Motions products for heat styling natural hair. It’s a 3 step process with shampoo, leave in conditioner and a sealer. I didn’t buy the shampoo because I have to use Selsun Blue for my scalp anyway.


I saw @empressL (on Instagram) use these products on her daughter’s natural hair and it looked really straight and silky and made me curious about the product.

I can’t wait to try it and also to face my fears about my hair growth (or lack thereof). I’ll keep you posted.


Amazing Hair Growth

This stuff right here… THE TRUTH! I washed and deep conditioned my hair and used it as a leave in and it was fabulous. The smell is amazing!


I blow dried my hair and straightened it with my curling iron. Flatirons never quite worked for me. I got the idea to put a little bit more of the Darcy’s Botanical – Pumpkin Seed Curl Moisturizing Conditioner on my dry, straightened hair after I wrapped it. I put my scarf on my head quickly before it had time to curl and my hair was delicious the next morning.

Winter is the season where my hair flourishes. I’ve been blow drying my hair to prevent ssk’s because those are what causes me to trim my hair super often like a madwoman and it’s what prevents me from seeing amazing hair growth. So far so good!

I knew my hair was growing, but when Marsha did an impromptu length at brunch, she said “Oh, so you’re about bra strap length!” Now, I clearly remember from my last length check (now that I have my official length check t-shirt) that I was a little above BSL, so I decided to measure it. Look at me!

My hair was blow dried in the pic on the left and blow dried and straightened with the curling iron in the pic on the right, so the length of all of my hair looks different, but if you pay attention to the piece that I’ve stretched, I’d say I’ve gained a little more than an inch in 1.5 months. Talk about fast hair growth!


Moisturizing and protective styling is the trick!