Product Review – Hard To Find Camille Rose Naturals

I got some goodies from one of my faaavorite brands… Camille Rose Naturals!

Let me start off by saying that these particular products are super hard to come by. One is the Marula Swirl Deep Hydration Conditioner. This product was introduced in July 2017 at CurlFest in Brooklyn, NY. Unfortunately, I was unable to attend and I tried my best to get my hands on this, but was unsuccessful. 

A lovely Instagrammer messaged me and told me that they periodically add a few to the site, so I should check frequently. Lo and behold, I was finally able to snag it. 

The other products are two different leave-ins that were a part of a trio called The Leave-in Collection. I got the Honey (Hydrate) and the Latte (Define). 

Today for my wash session, I used the Marula Swirl Deep Hydration conditioner. I immediately noticed it has great slip and I was able to detangle my hair very easily. The smell is amazing as all of their products are. I left it in for longer than I planned to. You know how it is… you start deep conditioning and you get caught up doing other things. 

My hair felt great after I rinsed it out. This conditioner is much lighter than their Algae Renew Deep Conditioner and even their Coconut Water Penetrating  Hair Treament. It is similar to the Moroccan Pear Conditioning Custard, but wayyyy more slip. 
I applied the Honey (Hydrate) leave-in after washing my hair. I was a bit concerned that my hair would feel sticky because the first ingredient is Honey and castor oil is pretty high on the list also. Castor oil is heavy and tends to feel a bit sticky too. 

This leave-in was better than I expected. It feels heavy when you pour it into your hand, but it’s super easy to work it into damp hair. There was no stickiness in my hair. My hair felt so soft and moisturized after. What more could you ask for?

Have you tried any of these? What were your thoughts?

Stay tuned for my thoughts on the Latte Leave-In!


Follow-up on E’tae Natural Products

After straightening my hair with E’tae Natural Products, I wore my hair straight for two weeks. Yesterday was finally wash day. I was curious to see how my hair reverted back to being curly, as well as how the shampoo would combat two weeks of buildup on my scalp. I ALWAYS wash my hair every week, but I decided to stretch it to two weeks this time and truth be told… I almost didn’t make it. My hair was embarrassingly dirty. 

I did the Carmel Treatment as directed. Next, I applied the shampoo and as I’m massaging it in, I could feel the buildup on my scalp. It felt very greasy and gummy. *gross* I could also see the buildup under my nails. *gross again* I thought to myself that there was no way that this shampoo with mild lather was going to be able to cut through all of that buildup. I shampooed twice as directed and by the second shampoo, I could actually feel that it was working and my scalp felt clean and not gummy! Talk about surprised. I shampooed a third time just to be on the safe side. The worst thing is to wash and deep condition only to discover your scalp isn’t fully clean. Been there! LOL

I saw E’tae’s Instastories and they just so happened to mention that the client they were using for the demo has a lot of natural oil in her hair and they were leaving the shampoo in for about 10 minutes to dissolve some of the natural oil and buildup. Aha! That was exactly what I experienced. Now I know to let the shampoo sit next time. 

I am very impressed by this brand. Oh… and to answer your burning question… Did my hair revert back to being curly? For sure!